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Introduction for a wide variety of decorative methods suitable for al kinds of different needs We contribute to our customers by offering a wide variety of solutions including special printing, special coating and in-mold transferring for various component parts such as cell phones, home appliances, general goods, automobiles and play equipments. Feel free to contact us for more information.

In-mold Transfer (IMR)

Decoration of delicate design such as photographs and metallic sheen appearance.

Due to the in-mold transfer (simultaneous transferring while molding ) method, which simultaneously transferring the printing ink layer onto the product surface while molding ,after pre-printed foils are positioned inside a mold die, there is no necessity of secondary process. a lot of advantages in aspect of cost are created, because of elaborative design .reduction manufacturing process and high yielding rate. It also adds extra functions such as increased hardness and higher abrasion property of the surface of molding products.

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Thermoject (T.J)

Decoration on large-scale molded products and for various textured finishes such as wood grain patterns.

Injection molding is conducted after a pre-printed decoration sheet has been formed inside the mold, Decoration onto deep drawing molded products is available, A functional sheet can be laminated on the surface of a cubic molded product.

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On-demand Transfer Foil (ODF)

A printing method that requires no printing cylinder. Transfer foils with full-color and metallic sheen appearance can be produced.

Gravure printing and screen printing methods were traditionally used to print transfer foils. Because the ODF requires no printing cylinder that was needed for the traditional methods, a transfer foil can be printed in 20 to 30 minutes as long as there is design data. aluminum-evaporation foils can be printed like normal colors too. Excellent repeatability can be greatly is available through layered gradations on designed evaporation foils.

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We provide equipments and related materials required for in-mold decoration (IMD).

Foil feeding machine
(IMR Series)

This is a machine which feed a transfer foil into a mold die. (High speed, high accuracy foil feeding is possible.)
Dedicated mold
Dimensions and accuracy can be perfectly reproduced to meet with customer requirements.
Transfer foil
Gravure printing, Screen printing and on-demand printing enables the creation of a transfer foil with all kinds of designs and color tones such as metallic sheen appearance .We can also supply through consultation transfer foils with various functions.
Mold processing
Decorated fabricated products are delivered as component parts or finished products.